Strength is for all. Strength is for you.

We are in the business of building strength, whether you are trying to recover from a stroke, maintain independence in the face of a neurological diagnosis, or are having more and more trouble getting around lately.

We will work one on one with you to improve your strength, opening the door for better mobility, walking, and return to sport!

Physical Therapy

At Headstrong, we are on a mission to elevate neurological rehabilitation in Kalamazoo to provide the best care for each and every individual in need. Each session is one hour, one-on-one with Dr. Jessica Evans, a licensed physical therapist and one of only two neurological clinical specialists in all of Kalamazoo. 

Rehab & Coaching

Recover from injury, improve your lifting technique, and maximize performance with rehabilitation and coaching from Headstrong. As a competitive powerlifter with over a decade of experience, Headstrong's founder Dr. Jess is uniquely qualified to rehabilitate strength athletes and enthusiasts with tailored programs suited to your goals. 

Fitness, Balance, and

Wellness for Older Adults

Maintaining strength throughout the lifespan is key to having the freedom of mobility as we get older. We will work together to construct a safe program geared towards your goals, from picking up your grandkids to improving your balance. No--you're not too old for that!