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At Headstrong, we are on a mission to provide patient-centered, evidence-based neurological rehabilitation, and that begins with learning about your journey. Each session is one hour, one-on-one with Jessica Evans, a licensed physical therapist & neurological clinical specialist. We designed this clinic around our patients' needs; it is private, fully wheelchair accessible, and adapts to virtually all levels of ability, whether you were diagnosed yesterday or 20 years ago!
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Is pain keeping you from doing the things you love? Do you want to start exercising, but have a complex medical history, or don't know where to start? We offer comprehensive, personalized physical therapy for pain, orthopedic injury, post-operative recovery, as well as exercise programs including cardiovascular and weight-bearing exercise to promote a healthy lifespan.
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Recover from injury, improve your lifting form & technique, maximize performance, and get back on the platform with rehabilitation from Headstrong. As a competitive powerlifter with over a decade of experience, Headstrong's founder Dr. Jess is uniquely qualified to rehabilitate strength athletes and enthusiasts with tailored programs suited to your goals.
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