Lifespan Fitness & Wellness

Why choose Headstrong?

Community. Not only does Jess provide rehabilitation services at her own clinic, she is active in the community! You can find her teaching exercises classes at the Portage Zhang Senior Center, giving public talks about strength training, and hosting free lifting seminars in her clinic, available to all ages and experience levels. When working with Headstrong, you can be assured that if we do not have the resource you're looking for, we "know a guy"!

Dr. Jess presents the benefits of strength training at 1 Million Cups

The tools we need to maximize your fitness & wellness. Whether you want to stick to bodyweight training, have a few dumbbells in your basement, or are interested in working with barbells, we've got you covered! Working together, we will construct a strength, mobility, and stability program that's right for you, without the need to join a gym or buy unnecessary equipment. Strength comes in many forms: let's find your path to strength!

Because it's too damn important!
The evidence is clear: strength training is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, and building strength now is a huge investment for later. Leg strength is a top predictor of losing your independence. Muscle mass correlates with longevity. But the evidence is also clear on this: as we get older, we have the capacity to build muscle, strength, and even improve bone density. No, you're not too old for that, and it's never too late to start! Let's go!

Strength coach meets physical therapist. Are you worried about your complex medical history interfering with an exercise program? As a licensed physical therapist, Dr. Jess has experience working in a variety of settings with patients that have complex injuries & histories, and is an active strength coach. Dr. Jess will draw on her expertise in both realms to progressively and safely build your strength regimen to get you stronger and ward off pain!

Don't just go to therapy. Join a team. Above all else, I want you to feel seen, heard, and respected. You are the team leader of your rehabilitation! At each appointment, I will interweave the best of my clinical experience, research experience, creativity, and flexibility to work on what's important to you! We will spend the time to ensure you have a full understanding of what we're doing, and why

Who am I? I'm Jess Evans, PT, DPT, PhD, NCS. I'm a former career academic, educator, physical therapist, neuro nerd, powerlifter, and cat mom! I left my job at a local hospital system craving the autonomy to provide a higher level of care for each and every patient to become their strongest selves. I needed more space, more time, and more resources to deliver the best for my patients--hence, the vision of Headstrong was born.