Powerlifting Rehab & Coaching

Work with a physical therapist who lifts!

If you experience pain while you lift, you might have been told by other providers that you need to stop lifting, with no real plan to get back to the rack. At Headstrong, we understand barbell training! We will get you back to training, stronger than ever.

Why choose Headstrong?

Rehab, fully equipped. Did you get injured lifting, and need comprehensive rehabilitation? Dr. Jess believes the best way to help manage your pain while deadlifting is to assess your deadlift! Together, we will modify training to keep you lifting weights while you heal, and gradually load the lifts back to return to the platform without pain. This is why Headstrong Headquarters in Kalamazoo has everything we need to suss out the whys of your pain, including a full suite of strength equipment.

Powerlifting Coaching with Headstrong

Customized programming with focus on longevity. No cookie cutter programs or randomly thrown in "rehab exercises" here! As your coach, Dr. Jess will construct custom programming to suit your goals for off-season, peaking, and meet-day performance. We assess your leverages, strengths, and technique to structure your program with appropriate big three and accessory loading to get you stronger.

Coaching with built-in rehab. When you're coached by Headstrong, we will manage aches, pains, and injuries that inevitably sprout up over the course of lifting, making needed changes to programming to keep you lifting and most importantly, safe & healthy, all included.

Community. In addition to being a coach and active competitor herself, Dr. Jess is also a mentor with Barbell Barkada, an organization aiming to help young women leverage their experience competing into tangible career skills. 

Along with custom programming and built-in rehab, when you're coached by Headstrong you'll join our slack comprising both Headstrong and Barbell Barkada athletes. Our active community regularly posts form checks, lifting wins, and discussions of all things lifting related!

Who am I? I'm Jess Evans, PT, DPT, PhD, NCS. I'm a former career academic, educator, physical therapist, neuro nerd, powerlifter, and cat mom! I left my job at a local hospital system craving the autonomy to provide a higher level of care for each and every patient to become their strongest selves. I needed more space, more time, and more resources to deliver the best for my patients--hence, the vision of Headstrong was born. 


Powerlifting Coaching.
$125/month, which includes:

$150 evaluations, $125 sessions